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Policy Implementation and Funding Mechanisms Imperative to Addressing Ontario’s Housing Crisis for Older Adults

In commemoration of Seniors’ Month, the Director of Corporate Communications, Public Relations and Marketing at the Annie Parker Foundation, Patricia Thangaraj sat down with Founder and Managing Director of Collaborative Aging, Sue Lantz to speak about the need for affordable, accessible and socially designed housing for older adults in Ontario. In this exclusive interview, Lantz details why the need for effective policy solutions and funding schemes is imperative in addressing the province’s housing crisis for older adults, especially given that many of them live on fixed incomes, which makes it more difficult for them to afford decent, quality housing because of the rising costs of various things due to inflation and other emerging factors, which means that these groups now have less money to spend on mortgages or rent.

Improving Patient Care and Health Outcomes in Ontario Via Sector Partnerships

Adopting an anti-oppression approach (AOP) at both the micro and macro levels by eliminating the Apartheid requirement known as “Canadian work experience” and recognizing that these internationally trained health care workers have the same work experience, skills, knowledge and expertise as their Canadian educated and trained counterparts to work in their chosen profession in Canada, would help to advance patient care and enhance Ontario’s health care system in the post-COVID-19 era.

Creating Better Health Care Experiences for Ontarians

Our latest blog, “Creating Better Health Care Experiences for Ontarians,” by Patricia Thangaraj takes a closer look at Pillar 2 of the Ontario Government’s “Your Health: A Plan for Connected and Convenient Care,” how it interweaves with the recently concluded federal-provincial-territorial meeting and what Ontarians can expect moving forward. It is Part Two of this three part series.

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